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Probiotics and soil: GoodPlanet highlights STARFISH Bioscience's innovation

Towards a more sustainable and productive agriculture

We are proud to share with you a captivating article published in the magazine GoodPlanet mag', brought to you by the Foundation GoodPlanet, chaired by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. This foundation is dedicated to raising awareness and taking action to preserve our planet and its inhabitants.

Probiotics and soil: GoodPlanet highlights STARFISH Bioscience's innovation

Restoring soil life: An agricultural revolution in the making

We're proud to share this article highlighting the groundbreaking work of biochemist Sandrine Claus, founder of STARFISH Bioscience. Entitled "Biochemist Sandrine Claus: soil microbiota depleted by conventional intensive farming practices", this article highlights the crucial importance of our mission and ongoing research.

Sandrine Claus, with over 20 years' experience in the field, is working tirelessly with our team to restore soil life by developing revolutionary bacterial stimulants. These probiotics are designed to re-establish soil microbiota, promoting crop growth by restoring microbial biodiversity. Indeed, intensive farming practices have impoverished soils, compromising their health and productivity.

"We need to stop intensive farming practices, particularly ploughing."

The microbiological ecosystem of soils fulfills four essential pillars for their proper functioning: nutrient recycling, maintenance of soil structure, carbon fixation and water retention. However, these vital functions are threatened by destructive agricultural practices such as ploughing and the excessive use of plant protection products.

"Soil microbiota depletion leads to yield losses."

At Starfish Bioscience, we strive to develop a new generation of probiotic bacterial stimulants specifically adapted to soils. Our innovative approach is based on in-depth functional mapping of soil microbiota, enabling us to identify the key bacteria that need to be restored to restore ecological balance.

We firmly believe that restoring soil microbiota is essential for reducing the use of phytosanitary products and promoting sustainable, resilient agriculture. Thanks to our cutting-edge research and technologies, we are determined to accelerate the transition to a more environmentally-friendly and productive agriculture.

Soil microbiota restoration is the key to reducing the use of plant protection products and promoting sustainable, resilient agriculture.

The full article, with exclusive interview with Sandrine Claus, is available in the latest issue of GoodPlanet.

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