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STARFISH Bioscience raises 900,000 euros from Seventure Partners

We are delighted to announce that we have raised €900,000 in funding from Seventure Partners, a leading global investor in the microbiome. This funding will accelerate the development of our next-generation microbial biostimulants, designed to regenerate soil microbiomes and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

STARFISH Bioscience raises 900,000 euros from Seventure Partners

Restoring soil health for more sustainable agriculture

Soil health is a crucial element for sustainable and productive agriculture. However, modern farming practices have led to significant soil degradation, with detrimental consequences for biodiversity, fertility and soil's ability to retain water.

At Starfish Bioscience, we are convinced that the soil microbiome, the set of microorganisms that live in the soil, can play a key role in restoring soil health. Our aim is to develop innovative microbial biostimulants that stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial soil microorganisms, helping to improve soil health, fertility and disease resistance.


An investment for a sustainable future

Seventure Partners' investment will enable us to accelerate the development of our microbial biostimulants. We are grateful for Seventure Partners' support and commitment to sustainable agriculture.

"This financing is an important milestone for Starfish Bioscience," said Sandrine Claus, founder and CEO of Starfish Bioscience. "It will enable us to realize our vision of sustainable agriculture that feeds the world while preserving the environment."

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