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We restore our soil microbiomes for sustainable agriculture

StarFish BioScience, leader de la biotechnologie AgTech
Who we are

STARFISH Bioscience leader in AgTech biotechnology

STARFISH Bioscience specializes in the innovation and development of microbiological solutions for agriculture and viticulture.

Our mission is to regenerate soils through the restoration of their microbiomes to improve sustainability and productivity, while minimizing environmental impact.

We are committed to contributing to the well-being of humanity and the preservation of the planet, by developing technologies that meet the future challenges of global agriculture.

Bioscience et Agriculture / Viticulture

Towards greener and more efficient agriculture

Restoring soil microbiota means improving nutrient recycling, limiting the proliferation of pathogenic organisms and reducing one's need for chemical inputs.

Healthy soil microbiota also prevent erosion and reduce the production of greenhouse gases.

Keeping in touch
Biotechnologie et Communauté Scientifique
Scientific Community
Scientific Community

Let's innovate together for the future of agriculture

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We work with internationally renowned scientists to develop scientifically validated solutions.

We also work closely with growers and farmers to guarantee solutions tailored to their needs.

Innovating together
Innovating together

STARFISH Bioscience invites you to collaborate to better understand soil microbiota

Discover the key to the fertility and health of your soils through a study of their microbiota. We offer you a detailed analysis of your soil microbiota, identify alterations and develop tomorrow's biotechnological solutions for sustainable, productive agriculture.

Soil microbiota analysis
Soil microbiota analysis

Evaluate the health of your soils by analyzing their microbiota for more profitable and sustainable agriculture

Identification of alterations
of alterations

Detect and understand imbalances in your soils for targeted and effective intervention

Biotech solutions
Biotech solutions

Innovative biotechnological solutions for healthier, environmentally-friendly agriculture


Welcome to the blog of StarFish BioScience, your window on the future of agriculture and viticulture.

Join us to explore the latest trends, innovations, and strategies shaping the world of sustainable agriculture. Whether you're a farmer, investor, scientist or simply curious, our blog is the perfect resource to stay informed and inspired.

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